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Like humans, vaccines for your pet help prevent illness and the spread of disease. The AVMA considers vaccinations to be one of the key ways to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout their lives. When you bring your pet to Buckner Animal Clinic, we’ll work with you to understand your pet’s needs and medical history before we recommend which vaccinations are best for your pet.

We offer a low-cost vaccination clinic three days a week. Call (214) 665-8828 or contact us online for more details.

What Kind of Vaccinations Does My Pet Need?

The short answer to this question is: it depends. Our Dallas veterinarians will take many factors into consideration, like age, breed, sex, and lifestyle, before recommending a vaccination regimen that is right for your pet. Not all pets require the same vaccinations, and we’ll be sure to give your pet the vaccinations they personally need.

Core Vaccinations

Core vaccinations are considered universally necessary based on factors like exposure risk, disease severity, or if a disease is transmissible to humans.

Core Vaccinations for Dogs

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine hepatitis
  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Lepto
  • Bordetella

Core Vaccinations for Cats

  • Feline calicivirus
  • Feline herpes virus type I
  • Rabies
  • Panleukopenia

Our Dallas veterinarians may recommend other, non-core vaccinations depending on the needs of your pet.

Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic

For quick and affordable access to vaccines for all pets in the Dallas community, we offer a weekly vaccine clinic. Bring your pet to the clinic for a variety of vaccination options. We can also help with fecal exams, heartworm prevention service, microchipping, nail trimming, and anal glad expression. Other services will require an appointment with one of our veterinarians, but we’re happy to help you make that appointment during clinic hours. Just step inside to speak to our receptionist to book an appointment.

Clinic hours:

  • Every Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Every Friday: 9: 00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • The first Saturday of every month: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

We ask that visitors to our clinic follow specific guidelines in order for us to be able to serve all pets.

Vaccine clinic guidelines:

  • Pets should urinate/defecate outside of the clinic before entering
  • Two pets per person are allowed in the clinic, unless your pets are in carriers
  • If your pet is loud or aggressive, please wait outside of the clinic
  • Maintain a healthy distance between pets
  • All cats should be placed in a carrier
  • Any visibly sick pets will not be vaccinated; please see our receptionist to make a doctor’s appointment
  • Overly aggressive pets or pets that cannot be controlled by their owner will not be vaccinated
  • If your pet is diagnosed with complicated parasites or heartworm disease, you will need to make a separate doctor’s appointment

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Service may be refused to any pet owner who does not comply with these guidelines.

If you have questions about vaccinations or our low-cost vaccination clinic, please call (214) 665-8828 or contact us online.

Tail Wagging Reviews

  • Very Thorough and Took Their Time With Us

    “You have an excellent clinic and we were very happy with the service that Black Kitty received. The vet and her tech were very thorough and took their time with us and our sick feral yard kitty. We ...”

    - Vanessa S.
  • Thank you for taking the extra precautions!

    “Thank you for being open, thank you for taking the extra precautions measure to ensure or little ones are safe. Staff was very friendly and helpful, job well done.”

    - Jamilah S.
  • When I Pull in My Dog Gets Excited to Go in!

    “I have used Buckner Animal Clinic for many years. I have always been more than satisfied with the service my fur babies receive. I know that when I pull in and my dog gets excited to go in that we are ...”

    - Margaret C.
  • Extremely Helpful Doctors

    “I only take my furry loves to this clinic. The doctors are extremely helpful and sensitive to my babies needs. I get their shots done there, dips, grooming, and nail clippings.”

    - Aly Denneane
  • Good Environment for My Dogs

    “Always love coming here with the furbabies. The staff is great with them. Always friendly and good environment for my dogs.”

    - Amber Ayala

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