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Compassionate Surgical Services

In some cases, your pet might need surgery to resolve a health problem. At Buckner Animal Clinic, we are here to provide your pet compassionate surgical care. Surgery can be overwhelming and scary for you and your pet, but our Dallas veterinarians will do their best to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable throughout the process. Before surgery, we’ll walk you through the procedure so you understand what we’ll be doing and why. After surgery, we’ll update you on your pet’s condition and provide you with details about aftercare to make sure your pet is back on their paws quickly.

If you are worried about your pet’s upcoming surgery, please give us a call at (214) 665-8828 so we can answer any questions you might have. Let us put your mind at ease!

Surgical Services

Buckner Animal Clinic offers surgical services to meet your pet’s health needs. If we think your pet might need surgery, we will explain what procedure we think is appropriate. We’ll never recommend a surgery that won’t benefit your pet’s quality of life.

Buckner Animal Clinic offers the following surgical services:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Dental cleanings
  • Declawing
  • Bone fracture repairs
  • Tumor removals
  • Hip surgeries
  • Eye surgeries

We have the ability to perform other procedures as well, and often at a better price than other pet hospitals. If you don’t see the procedure your pet needs on the list above, contact us to make an appointment with one of our veterinary professionals. We may have a solution for you.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Proper aftercare following a surgical procedure is just as important as the surgery itself. In order to get your pet back on all fours quickly, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that they heal quickly and correctly.

Help your pet heal comfortably with these tips:

  • Make sure your pet has a comfortable and quiet indoor space so that they have a safe place to rest
  • Try to moderate your pet’s activity, like running or jumping, which can pull stitches or re-injure your pet
  • Keep the wound clean and dry, but avoid bathing your pet until your veterinarian gives you the all clear
  • Use a cone or wide collar to keep your pet from scratching or licking their incision

Keep an eye on your pet’s incision! If you notice that your pet isn’t eating, is throwing up, or has diarrhea, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your pet might have an infection and could need antibiotics. The team at Buckner Animal Clinic will help guide you and your pet back to good health.

If your pet recently had surgery and you notice any of the signs above, call us at (214) 665-8828 to schedule an appointment with our Dallas veterinarians as soon as possible.

Tail Wagging Reviews

  • Very Thorough and Took Their Time With Us

    “You have an excellent clinic and we were very happy with the service that Black Kitty received. The vet and her tech were very thorough and took their time with us and our sick feral yard kitty. We ...”

    - Vanessa S.
  • Thank you for taking the extra precautions!

    “Thank you for being open, thank you for taking the extra precautions measure to ensure or little ones are safe. Staff was very friendly and helpful, job well done.”

    - Jamilah S.
  • When I Pull in My Dog Gets Excited to Go in!

    “I have used Buckner Animal Clinic for many years. I have always been more than satisfied with the service my fur babies receive. I know that when I pull in and my dog gets excited to go in that we are ...”

    - Margaret C.
  • Extremely Helpful Doctors

    “I only take my furry loves to this clinic. The doctors are extremely helpful and sensitive to my babies needs. I get their shots done there, dips, grooming, and nail clippings.”

    - Aly Denneane
  • Good Environment for My Dogs

    “Always love coming here with the furbabies. The staff is great with them. Always friendly and good environment for my dogs.”

    - Amber Ayala

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