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Principles of Operation

. Quality
. Integrity
. Compassion
. Service


We will always perform the best medicine we can, perform all tasks to the best of our ability, and strive to continue our education so we always know what is best.

To adhere to quality simply means we will never be satisfied to give less than our best. Every member of a team that adheres to quality is proud of his individual work and of the work of the team.… This pride is … clearly evident to clients … increasing personal referral and estimating acceptance and eliminating other problems. Quality keeps our bar high and is essential to the success of any veterinary practice.


We will always be honest to ourselves, our clients, and to each other. We will always stand to the highest ethical standards and keep close to the principles of operation. Trust is essential to every relationship and we never do anything to cause anyone doubt. We gain trust by being trustworthy. We never do anything we know to be wrong or stand idly while others commit acts we know to be wrong. …. Success is impossible without integrity, yet most people lack the fortitude to do the right thing in difficult situations. We must never compromise our integrity even when we can rationalize the alternative behavior.


We will always seek to understand the feelings of our patients and clients, and to treat them appropriately with the dignity and respect they need and deserve when in our care. Compassion is essential to relationships and relationships are essential to our business. Compassion prevents us from becoming defensive and makes bad situations end well. Compassion makes us view others empathetically when we otherwise might think they are crazy or mean. Compassion means we put ourselves in the shoes of others and treat them in the way we would want to be treated in every case. Compassion causes us to go out of our way to help any client, coworker, patient, or person that we see in need.


We will always do our best to work with the client's needs in mind. Service comes in two parts. The first part is respect for the client in such a way that we view the client as a person, not as a task or problem. The second part is problem solving. It is our responsibility to overcome any obstacle which may hinder a client's ability to fulfill the pet's needs. We must put ourselves in a position to see the needs of other, and then make those needs our personal mission until satisfied.

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